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img_0920Dear President Barack H. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama,


I have never met you, but I want to say thank you. ~xo Courtney Rae O’Neal for Courted! #ThankYouObama.



In the early spring of 2008, I joined your campaign, starting in Charlotte, North Carolina as a field organizer. (An early adulting decision that has permanently impressed me.) It was a choice encouraged by one of my best friends, a Spelman Sister and veteran Obama staffer; as well as my attention to and passion for politics. However, above all, that choice was an opportunity to campaign for the nation’s first black president.






Mr. President,

You, are a reminder of what happens when hard work and passion come together as one.
Because I believed in you, I can believe in me.

First Lady Michelle Obama,

It is because of you that I see a collision between fashion and politics. 


Dear Mr. and Mrs. President Obama,

It is because of you that I have learned how to fight hard. It is because of you, that I am defined and limited by no one, but me.  
With you I saw the nation. What was accomplished is #MAGIC! 








Because I believed in you. I can believe in me.







You have been the conscience of my political career and are the permission for me and others to think unlimited with passion in hand.

Because of you, the country will forever be changed. 
Thank you Mr. President and First Lady Obama.

#THANKYOUOBAMA xo… Courted! More than Fashion… It’s a Lifestyle.


“Politiking” by Ben Baker, National Geographic Museum
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Fashion: denim overall jumper by Rachel Roy at Macy’s; boots by Steve Madden; long cardigan by Leith at Nordstrom; hat from Madewell; Been Woke tee by Courted!

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