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Great Style Should Be Attached!

Great Style Should Be Attached!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been told to be great! 

Whether you are aware of your greatness or aspiring to achieve it, it is important to match your outer appearance with your inner ambition.



When verbalizing your greatness to another person it may feel uncomfortable. And similarly to breaking social conformity by speaking aloud about the things that you’re awesome at, it may feel the same when selecting a power color, an ensemble that embraces your figure, or an outfit that simply makes you look like a million bucks. Sometimes stepping into your greatness can feel uncomfortable. Growth requires change and that often feels challenging, but worth it in the end.



John Henry, one of our favorite motivational entrepreneurs, spoke recently about why we do not feel comfortable in claiming that we are great at the things we do when even among friends.   The same rules apply in fashion for the “regular” folks. Have you ever noticed that some people receive a pass to be who they are, live free and in color, while the rest of us have to stick to the program?!  



Well regardless of what others say or how the daily environment feels, it’s ok for you to embrace just how great you are! So maybe you aren’t ready to stand in front of a room and speak publicly, but maybe you are ready to just start being taken seriously. As you are growing in your careers and as individuals, your style should follow. Ask our past clients and they can confirm that you do not begin carrying yourself with full confidence until you feel confident—one way to get there is with the right fashion choices.



Our fashion story shares the importance of showing up and looking the part. If you are great at what you do, know that you are onto something awesome… a great style should also be attached so that you and your brand are complete! 




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