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COURTED! Fashion Story:


Growing up as a young girl in a southern family, the church was a staple part of life. I remember getting ready to attend church service with my grandparents and recall the meticulous care and pride taken by my grandmother in her appearance. For her and her generation, it was always important to properly show up for where you were going. This is a lesson I carry with me today.





And my grandmother’s look could not be shopped for anywhere else except at her favorite retail store—Neiman Marcus. From business suits to pantyhose, it was not right unless it came from “Neimans!” Her example of brand loyalty has value for our clients because it teaches the importance of learning what it is that you like and what works for you.





My fashion story also includes early days of personal styling. As daddy’s little girl, I remember starting at around the age of ten-years-old, my father would come into my room daily as he would get dressed for work to ask for my opinion on which dress shirt and tie combination, that he should match with his suit.



Finally, as a girl becoming a young woman, my personal style and voice were first impressed by my mother. She was hard-set on me being nothing but a girly-girl but failed to recognize a few things—in grade school, I had aspirations of becoming a “Fly Girl” instead of being a ballerina and my responsibilities as a big sister on the playground to protect my younger brother.



And from there my style icons began to emerge. I left The Limited Too and developed my own style voice.



My closet started looking more like Cher’s from Clueless with sprinkles of Aaliyah! And in college Sex and the City was inspiration and reinforcement to be my fashionable self! These fashion moments sprinkled over life help to develop my aesthetic and style voice that later culminated into Courted!




As a professional, I have learned that often times in order to get the part, you must look the part.


And what you used to get you there will not keep you there or elevate you to the next level.






Courted! an image consulting firm that provides personal styling services. Our services are packaged to include personal shopping, mobile styling, and wardrobe restoration.



Having a personal style is not about showing off or being boastful—unless that is your preference! Fashion gives us an opportunity to present your best self or to become a chameleon of style so that you will always fit into your surroundings no matter what room you are in or who is in it. With a  personal style, a personal brand is developed and to follow is an opportunity. Whatever your journey is or the occasion, Courted! can style you along the way.


Set up a consultation today and let’s talk about your fashion story and what style goals are!

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Courted Testimonials

Danica (Nurse)

Shopping, honestly, I love and absolutely hate. You know that feeling where you have an idea of exactly what you’d like to buy, how much you’d like to spend, and how fun it’s going to be- only to feel completely overwhelmed once arriving at a store- that’s me!! Shopping produces anxiety, because of the fears that I have about trying new styles and colors. I inevitably walk out of what was supposed to be a fulfilling shopping excursion with literally nothing but feelings of defeat.

Shopping with COURTED’s personal styling service was nothing less than fun, effective and empowering. We visited various stores, chatted about my fashion and styling goals, and found items that not only fit my current style but also the vision that I’ve always had for myself.

I was inspired to try new things like patterns and color palettes that I would never have chosen for myself independently. COURTED helped me to begin formulating the image for my future wardrobe and professional style.
I ended up with multiple pieces that will carry me well into the spring and summer with confidence and a fresh sense of self.

I recommend COURTED personal styling services to all, especially anyone who’s looking to tailor their personal image and personalize the personal style they didn’t know they had. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

Chantal Costen (Producer, BET)



I heard about Courted! through a friend who spoke highly of Courtney as an individual.  At the time I had just pitched an online show to my company and was in dire need of a personal stylist.  Now I’m the kind of girl who gets overwhelmed at the mall.  I’d like to think I have some sort of style but I knew that embarking on a new career I needed a complete makeover.  When I called Courtney she was very personable, professional and asked all the right questions. Over a few conversations I was able to communicate with her my needs and she was able to get a great sense of my personality and style.  Two days later she met me at the mall and literally changed my life.  I have never had such a pleasant shopping experience before.  My job was to kick back and try on clothes.  Courtney’s taste and sense of style was exactly what I needed to build a solid wardrobe and boost my confidence.  She was able to find unique outfits that fit my body type and the accessories that she picked were outstanding as well.  I received so many compliments each time I wore items from my new wardrobe, it was almost like people were looking at a completely new woman.  It’s very rare to find someone as AMAZING as Courtney and I must say that I was 100% pleased with my Courted! experience!

Tiffany Harrison (Young Professional, San Francisco, CA)


I recently needed an outfit that gave me springtime tea wear and old lady church swag. I normally don’t wear church hats or even dresses, so this was a stretch for me, but Courted! gave me great tips and plenty of support to make smart purchases.


The outfit Courted! selected was a hit, and I even got some reposts and likes on social media. And we all know that you’re not officially liked until someone hits “like” on Facebook.


Courted! empowered me to make smart purchasing decisions with ease, and gave me confidence in an area I tend to be weak or shy in…shopping. I am now encouraged, because like Whitney Houston said “I didn’t know my own strength.”